Recommended Trees for Downtown Maynard

Many trees in Downtown Maynard were lost over the past few years. The reasons for the death of so many trees are varied and likely compound each other. Salt applications during the winter can stress trees and the hot drought of 2016 certainly did not help .

We, The Maynard Tree Corps (aka, friends of the Maynard trees), have been organizing to make short- and long-term plans for Maynard’s tree canopy. Starting in Summer 2020, we started drafting a list of candidate trees for Maynard and, towards the end of the summer proposed to the DPW the list of tree species you can download and read below. If you are interested in contributing to this planting, please contact the Maynard Tree Corps at:

We anticipate tree planting could start in Spring 2021. We are unsure how many trees will be planted in the first planting. Fifteen total trees can be planted in the empty tree wells along Main and along Nason.

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